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We Offer Down Financing Upon Approval

We specialize in the quick release of individuals in jail

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a contract between you and the bond agent ( bail bondman) the courts and the person posting your the bail ( co-signer).
The person or company responsible for the defendant showing up for their court appearance.

The amount of bail is set by the court and is dependent on the severity of the crime as well as, how much a flight risk the defendant is deemed.

The fee varies from State to State, but in Alabama the usual fee is 10% of the face amount of bonds posted.

No! We require only 4% down upon approval.

will provide a guarantee to the court that the defendant will appear in court when summoned by the judge on ALL appearances until the final hearing or disposition.

The defendant will also have to check in regularly with the bail bondman as a condition of his, her, or your release. The defendant should not leave town during this period if so ordered by the court system.

A co-signer always has the responsibility to ensure that the defendant appears in court a and when required on time. The co-signer should know where the defendant is at all times.

The bond will be forfeited and the defendant will be issued another warrant and will not have the privilege to be bonded out again by any bonding company. He will be apprehended when found and taken straight to jail.

As long as there is a bond set, we can work with you.

Why Choose Us

Tips For Clients

Warning: it does not make us proud to advise you there are some bail agencies in the community who will take advantage of unknowing consumers. While most bail agencies are honest and fair with the public, some are not. It is to your advantage to protect yourself and your family when considering a bail bonding company to partner with. After all, your family needs you, and you need your family.
Deal only with licensed bail agent. Ask to see the license and identification
Get itemized receipts for all charges/make sure you get signed copies of all contracts and agreements.
Make sure you understand the terms of financing if needed.
These are a few tips to help your process be smoother. Bail Bond of Alabama want to be a blessing to you in this time of need.